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Comprehensive list of BW items/vehicles

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I don't know if someone had already made this, or if a staff member had already released all the items, but can everyone start listing things they get from the black water so we can get a complete list of what we can get? Think it would be useful for players to see if it's worth robbing or not.

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The reason there isnt a list I guess is to make ppl wonder what actually could spawn! Makes it more exciting to do a BW but I did put up a list of confirmed drops so far in someone else's post, there's still drops that no one has seen yet! 

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5 minutes ago, John Wayne said:

How will the APD know what the illegal items are?

I'm just going to guess all of them, because you're not supposed to have them, you got them illegally. But at the same time, you can get stuff like vests, so no idea.

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2 hours ago, tkcjesse said:

Lynx - %.05
LRR - %.1
Hunter HMG - %1
Strider GMG - %.05
SOS - %.05
Tigris - %0.01

I'll let you guys figure out the rest.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Start playin and find out.

I'm pretty sure only one thing in there is true rest are just a troll lol 

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