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This morning I broke my brother's lucky mug and offered him 200k in comp

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Nah I'm banned from the house for 24 more hours.. bullshit..


I know good and well he dupes shit everyday


22 hours ago, JebronLames said:

That's at least 1 mil. Come on dude.

I never carry more than 400k on average.. I always give new players money.


21 hours ago, Poseidon said:

How many grenades is that?

3 grenades a 2 smokes.. final offer

20 hours ago, DeadPool1337 said:

4 but for VIPs its like 5

Don't give away the secrets of GrenadeMart

20 hours ago, gordonmann1 said:

Haha I'm done hehe

He looked at me like... for a cup?

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