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Happy Birthday Plumber!

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26 minutes ago, Grandma Gary's Bitch said:

Plumber hopefully this year you'd be a better senior and member I kid I kid, happy birthday man stay safe and enjoy yourself cautiously tho.

Hopefully haha. Thanks brotha I really appreciate it 

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6 minutes ago, Plumber said:

Tonight I'm playing my Arma drinking game I made up. It involves robbing players all over and certain rules when you have to drink. Anybody will be invited

message me when this goes down. I would like to witness this.

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18 minutes ago, Bubbaloo Burrito said:

Fuck you @Plumber, go suck a dick.




Happy B-day. 

Only reason you like burritos is because it's yet another thing you can practice deep throating on you Peter puffer.

haha thanks my dude!

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