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hello [IFF]Jamie here from server 2, 1st how can i change my name on this website doesn't let me in edit profile, 2nd is it easier to post a link to videos for bans? and how serious is the 5 minute clip rule since rdm can happen in 20 seconds or if you got on and have less than 5 min to make a clip, thanks Jamie

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1 : You can change your name by going into the support tab and making a support ticket stating that you'd like your name changed to whatever it is you want (can't do it yourself)


2 : It doesn't matter how you post it as long as you have valid proof and it's accessible


3 : The 5 minute clip thing is because that is how long engagements last, the only times where an RDM clip can be less than 5 minutes is when you are loading in, or you've just been revived.

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19 minutes ago, [ks] jamie said:

thank you! and yes I have a situation of rdm where I just spawned and no medics were on, with NLR can I go back in that case? or should I avoid breaking NLR at all cost 

The only time you do not have NLR as a civilian is if you were killed by an arma bug. Getting stuck on a wall, dying from a table, car randomly blowing up for no reason, etc. Broken rules do not grant you the ability to break NLR. Nor if a medic is online or not. 

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