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Hexagon Colors

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So i was thinking, that maybe on Olympus there be a certain color for Hex's so you see gang mates easier, because i play on 110 FOV and as your FOV goes higher your hex's just like your scope get smaller, and ive been in multiple fights where i see someone come around the corner and i cant see hex because it is white and sometimes not easily see, and i end up shooting my gang mate thinking its the gang im currently in a fight with, and most of the time i'm sitting thinking i got one just to realize it was my gang mate and i end up losing the fight because i think there are less than there actually are, so i was thinking maybe like Red or Pink be the Hex Color, let me know what you think

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Just now, SPBojo said:

Last time i checked this would require mods. Correct me if im wrong but currently there is no way to do this w/out mods. 

There is a way to do it, most CQC servers (dont require mods) have Hex Colors like Red Green etc

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4 hours ago, Mako said:

This has been suggested and discussed, I think the consensus was that it could result in degraded performance and there are greater priorities in terms of development.

it was. I brought it up when you wanted it back in early 2018. 

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