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  1. 1. Is this Crossfire? https://gyazo.com/b82c1af637cb1310abb6051c3a11c399

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sucks, but ive seen far far far worse deemed crossfire... the cop was standing right behind him... but hey...my opinion doesnt matter :) hooowever...  going into it, you had to know there was no way you werent going to kill your friend.

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Like I said

1 minute ago, Skip said:

Okay, I guess I should listen to you considering your rank 1 and I am rank 5. Don't talk to your leader like that.... sheesshhhhh

Hey man gang shit is good. Just remember it’s gang shit so you will get banned for it. I’ve been banned for doing exactly that

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Just now, Bloodmoon said:

You know you're fucked when even I can't come up with a reasonable excuse for an unban.

I'm unbanned....

Just now, Chaos said:

Like I said

Hey man gang shit is good. Just remember it’s gang shit so you will get banned for it. I’ve been banned for doing exactly that

I'm unbanned already, Just thought it was funny.

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Just now, MAV said:

so it was deemed crossfire?

No, I was banned for it but I gave the shitty PO that complained some comp. He tried to scam me and I got banned because of that but it was lifted because hey I am Skip what would Olympus be without me, Right?.

6 minutes ago, Bloodmoon said:

God Bless whoever unbanned you because you continued to spray down your gang after seeing the cop to your left lmao.

He is a very intelligent man and came to the realization that it wasn't the right choice to ban me.

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12 minutes ago, Fake Grandma said:


so if im a cop, all i have to do is put the guy im processing in the doorway so if they shoot through him to kill me its not crossfire? I've been told for years (and seen) that if your within ~5m from the guy and the guy gets sprayed down, its your own fault.. so i guess you learn something every day...in this case he was he not only within 1m, the only possible way to kill the cop was through the gangmate... I just want clarification because this type of 'crossfire' happens almost daily and is usually deemed by most as crossfire..if its not i need to get my ALT+F10 warmed up..


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