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The Legend Returns

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so i made a post previously stating that i was taking my leave for some time. and i did in fact take my leave for some time. But now 


some of you have probably already noticed, that i am in fact back.


As im Blacklisted from APD.

And left the R&R.


i will only be seen wearing the [MC] tag, being the Senior member i am i will be taking part in [MC] business both in-game and out of game.


so with that said, 

Let the reporting of SPBojo begin!!!! (a reference to my trigger happy past)



see yall ingame and on the forums!

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Winners don't take breaks homie.

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thats why i always stayed active on the forums / was ingame at several occasions using a "undercover name" ;) 

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So you never actually left... I feel like this is a cry for attention?

I'll hold you in my arms bb

And i did actually leave, i only came on to not loose my houses ;)

<3 Bojo rises once more


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