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Vigilante Tiers

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It's been a while since I've seen anything regarding the Vigilante Tiers. I tried searching for it on the forums but come up with nothing but people selling cop gear, and complaining about vigilante's being OP etc. etc. I'd just like either an explanation at what vigilante's get at each tier with the arrest count required, or a link to the forum post if possible. Thank you for your time and keep fighting.

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1 hour ago, |REAL| Boing said:

Tier 1: PO7 and shit vest 40 percent of bounty

Tier 2: .45 and shit vest 60 percent of bounty

Tier 3: Sting and good vest 75 percent of bounty 

Tier 4: Spar-16 and good vest (Plus good scopes, bipod, etc.) 90 percent of bounty


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