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Much Love thread

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I'm back from my spring break vacation and just wanted to make a post about who you're thankful for on the server and just show some people some love that you have met through Olympus.


Quaan and Amish- My boys till the day i die


Lost-  RIP much love


Stealth- Level headed guy that's fun to make laugh


Snake- He's is bae because we go from loving to hating each other in just a few days ha


Ace- Being from Tennessee and being real from the beginning even when i glitch restrains and shot you and called you a bitch haha


Moob- For always talking shit with me and keeping that camera in his pocket when we have engagements and instead talking about it


Mcdili- My dude from way back original member of my group and fun to play with.


Travis- My dude that gives no fucks and always cracking me up


Adam and Demios- For arguing with each other in ts so i can laugh then i instigate them to talk more shit ha.


Virus- For finally getting Sergeant and always encouraging more shit talk lol.


Ksay- Grats on Mod and for being just a chill dude that can take my shit talk lol.


HamofMoose- Original OG from way back straight baller.


Jmart and Sassy- Had by far had the best time in the DC crew and my greatest time in Olympus


Mcguire- RIP 2014-2014 perm banned friend that i miss very much so #unpermplz


Grandma Gary- Always funny and never serious with that voice.


Wheatkings- Boys forever chill as fuk and much love to this guy.


Poseidon- For the late night Dayz runs and talking for hours upon hours about stupid shit.


Hades- For being the only admin i'm actually scared to talk shit to haha


Warfare- always a good sport about the constant shit talk :)


Much Love,











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Glad I could be of service...lol...Now WTF was it you said again?

Depends on how you take that statement. You could take it as a compliment that you are intimidate to him. Or you could see it as he talks shit to all the other admins.

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  • Head Admin


Hades- For being the only admin i'm actually scared to talk shit to haha

If you ever need an ice breaker if you need to talk to Hades just drop a comparison of him to Zeus.  He positively LOVES that shit!


Other descriptors: confirmed liar.

This is the truth. ;D

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