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Incoming news from reporter Dildo Ranchero






As you may know Jaden Wilson has made attempts to make his name known as the general face of the forums by commenting last on topics. Although its a good try, we all know who the king of forums is........SpBojo is the king of the forums, having the influence that no one could imagine. So will someone prevail as the new king or will king Bojo the second keep his title.




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I do believe I am beating both you and Bojo. I'll give you a few moment to pick your panties up before you leave.


Everyone knows if you have an admin or senior apd tag your likes don't count. You could make a post saying "Hi" and people would like it. 

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who the fuck deleted my forum profile? lol.... wtf


Screw You I belive that no one is the king, and that the title has potiential to be in anybodys hands. So until next time.....Dildo OUT.

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That is what is wrong with you people, you care about the post count. I post alot, but that is only because i enjoy posting and contributing, if i wanted i could post 60+ times a day like bojo and I used to and catch up but what is the point of posting if the post is useless?

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