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The Mystery of 'Vegas'

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Vegas is usually seen at this location, sitting in Kavala.... but weirdly enough, he can also be seen LITERALLY anywhere else. He has been sighted in the forests on the North Eastern AND western ends of the map. He has been sighted in the middle of the planes. You will usually find him wearing a T-Shirt, nightvision and usually nothing else. He is a strange entity that no one knows too much about. He is everywhere, and yet he is no where. Post your experiences/sightings of Vegas and hopefully we can crack this mystery.


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18 minutes ago, RAFA is ISO of SWEETHEART said:

He was in the APD hummingbird w me and @AmericanWafflelast night. His voice almost sounds robotic. He kept saying “The ArmA 3 manual tells me I must be 100 meters above the ground before deploying my parachute”. Nice guy though 

Possible 'gone rogue' bot programmed by Bohemia to keep an eye on Olympus?

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3 hours ago, Zachory Pond/Staceyjsa said:

Possible 'gone rogue' bot programmed by Bohemia to keep an eye on Olympus?

No he hasn’t mentioned a need for indoor lighting appliances so I think we can rule it out. Maybe he’s an experimental AI being debugged on Olympus to experience true roleplay 😂

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Reading these comments Im down a rabbit hole and I must uncover the mysteries of this man. I will be logging on with the sole purpose to track this man down and asking him about his travels. I shall bring tactical bacon, a kidney and 25k as a offering to the blood god

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