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 I am quite literally the greatest arma player of all times
-got on apd as a 15 year old
rekt idiots cant detect me
-kicked from the apd for being 15
-got back on apd cuz im a god of arma
-got kicked for inactivity
All in all my time in olympus can be summarized by running people over on ATV's untill i joined burban and did it undera  different name
oh i once got the ol 4 day VACation for mass rdm and wrote hades a love letter
good bye to people now
-SGW for being (REMOVED) and leaving cuz mad cuz bad
-PRAE for outplaying themselves bye
-Burban for quality BANTZ
-quamish and sons for being shitters
-honeybooboo for being a (REMOVED)
-lost for being a (REMOVED)
-(prae) Luke
-Officer miracles
rip 2014-2015
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Stealth for ranking me to cpl in burban
Csgo jackpot for awarding my skill
ace for carrying me to mg1 from nova
Ace for trying to jew me out of my knife (not getting me shekels today)
Snake for biblethump
Rip snake sgt
Rip snake lt
rip snake mod
rip snake sgt again
rip snake perma lets go for 5 perma bans?
Tree for skill based gaming
Bobey for greatest apd officer
Devil for being a whiny (REMOVED)
Hades for being the love of my life
symufuny (no (REMOVED) idea how to spell)for not hacking
Wavious for breaking the law for admin love
Me for being the only true squeaker in burban who doesnt do stupid (REMOVED) stuff.
Stealth for fastest nova 4 in csgo history
My gambling addiction
ill add more people if i m reminded of them and i dont get forum banned
later nerds
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