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What sort of Ban video is this

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1.  Staff have logs to verify, like I've been telling you this entire week you've been spam rulebreaking on me.
2.  You admitted what you did in the dispute and insisted it was legal. 
3.  You admitted in your ban appeal you did it lmmfao.  I mean wtf?  You tried to say you didn't know it was a rule  break.
4.  This is the least expensive vehicle you've done this same shit to this week.. all you had to do was comp.  You did it to a taru and a mohawk already.
5.  Seriously fuck you stop doing this.

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3 hours ago, Fraali said:

Tfw we log who's in the area when a vehicle blows up...

LOL this is hilarious as I have had multiple staff members deny requests due to insufficient evidence due to name tags after being air rammed in the middle of nowhere

If this is true this sheds a lot of light on those situations

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