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Courtesy Of Gary

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<01:32:25> "SPBojo": wheres the donation link to become deputy? jorbis said there is none... : /
<01:34:49> "Grandma Gary": You need to message Ace with this exact message and you'll get back on the APD guranteed! "Bobey was the best cop"
<01:35:18> "SPBojo": bobey was drunk and rammed a truck into cop hq to kill a snake, He did nothing wrong!
<01:35:37> "Grandma Gary": Exactly Ace wants him back he just needs to gather more support.
<01:35:51> "SPBojo": : 3
<01:36:10> "SPBojo": so all i do is text ace asking for donation link to become deputy? and that i want bobey back? and then im good?
<01:36:18> "Grandma Gary": yeah
<01:36:35> "SPBojo": ok, should i include a cute picture of a cat or?
<01:37:11> "Grandma Gary": no Ace hates cats.  You need to message devil and get him ot send the dick pic that Hershmek sent him so you can forward it to Ace cause Ace wants Hersh back too.
<01:37:38> "SPBojo": oh, ok, but what do i need to send devil to get him to send ace that pic?
<01:37:57> "Grandma Gary": no idea You'll have to use your imagination.  I hear he likes dick pics though
<01:38:45> "SPBojo": hmmm, ok, but what if i send him some hentai stuff? from what ive heard hes pretty kawai
<01:39:17> "Grandma Gary": Its all the same to Devil the more the better!
<01:39:48> "SPBojo": ohh, well, hmm, what about PO test then? how do i skip that and become corporal?
<01:40:42> "Grandma Gary": As soon as you send the stuff to devil and ace you'll probably be put right to Corp
<01:42:04> "SPBojo": oh, ok, thats just great! but what if i want to become a moderator aswell? who do i suck off to get all my bans deleted so i can apply?
<01:42:48> "Grandma Gary": Pretty much the same stuff only to Hades and replace Bobey and Hersh with Zeus.
<01:43:21> "SPBojo": ahh, ofc, that makes sence, but what if Zeus dosnt want to come back ?
<01:43:49> "Grandma Gary": of course Zeus wants to come back him and Hades are besties he taught Hades everything he knows!
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GeeGee! i did nothing wrong! they had me basically fucking yelling at them at 1:30 AM to prove that i was actually SPBojo, goddam abuse i tell you! 


Your both perm banned

nahnahnah, lets not go too far : (

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