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Are you a rook god like Adi? Are you a hacker like Devil? Or are you a complete shitter like Cloak? Doesn't matter come one come all to Olympus' first Olympic games. It will consist of 2 events.

The 1st event will be a 1k shot. All contestants will line up lying prone and when I put my hands up they will begin to fire. Whoever kills me first wins. This will be a best out of 5 event and in the case of a tie the contestants will settle it mono e mono. The winner will receive 150k and bragging rights.

The 2nd event will be a po7 dual with contestants facing away from each other and slow walking until a signal is given for them to start the dual. This will be a single elimination deathmatch. The winner will receive 150k.

The events will start this Saturday 8pm Cst server 2 in the salt flats.


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on contest number one you should make it harder by not saying distance and not allowing people to have range finders. saying its a 1k shot makes it luck not skill because everyone knows the estimated range.


and with the Duel thing aswell, it would be quite easy for Dsync, Better PC, better connection to the server to deside the winner. rather have it in the car thing in the salt flats so they start in each corner and can move around using cover etc so it becomes more of a fair competition for everyone.

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