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Illegal weapons

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I have read the APD handbook many times now and i didnt see any where mentionning the names of illegal weapons, can someone put a list of all of the illegal weapons please? it would be really appreciated !

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MK-18 7.62

MK-14 7.62

MK-2000 6.5

Katiba 6.5

TRG - 20 5.56

TRG - 21 5.56

SDAR 5.56

MK20C - 5.56

Vermin .45

Zubr .45


If your not a vigilante the Sting 9mm is illegal.


the legal weapons are as followed (only legal when you have firearms license)

Rook-40 9mm

PDW  9mm


Sting With Vigilante License.

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Appreciate the information, very useful, aren't you forgetting the SDAR wich is a 5.56 mm ?

it should be there in the list, i can see it atleast :P and ofc the Titan is illegal.

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Putting it simply: Any APD gear is not allowed to civilians, if a weapon ammo type is bigger then 9mm it's illegal. PDW, Rook & Sting are only allowed, all need firearm licenses. Sting needs vigilante license.

Titans are illegal.

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  • 3 years later...

Legal guns:

Firearms License: Rook-40 9mm, PM 9mm, PDW2000 9mm, Protector 9mm

WP license: ACP-C2 .45, TRG-20 5.56, SPAR-16 5.56 mm (khaki), Katiba Carbine 6.5

Vigi License: PO7 9mm, Sting 9mm, Spar-16 5.56mm (sand)


Any thing other than these guns are illegal.

The difference between the legal/illegal TRG/Katiba, is that the illegal version has a longer barrel. 

The difference between and SDAR(illegal) and a Katiba is that the Katiba has a top accessory rail for mounting attachments.

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