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What games do you play?

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Hello Kitty Adventures.


Currently I have 373 games in my Steam library with Arma 3 currently in the lead with 1815 hours played followed closely by Star Trek Online with 240 hours!


Apart from Arma the only other games I pay any amount of attention to is CSGO and BF4, every other game is too hard =(

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Lets see, I'm almost 600 hours into ARMA 3.. most of it on Olympus lol


I still play Ultima Online.... yeah it dates me, but I was a beta tester my freshman year of college. I have 17 years in that game off and on.


I play some Star Wars Online, Planetside 2, Goat Simulator! DayZ sometimes. Diablo 3 most all the Blizz games.


I don't mess with consoles much since my little girl hit 5, now she knows how to use Netflix so the tele is off limits 99.99999% of the time. My Xbox One has about an inch of dust ; (

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Counter Strike Global Offensive
DayZ Standalone
Arma 3
Killing Floor
Just Cause 2
Dead Island
Arma 2
FEAR 1&2&3
Garry's Mod

Every other game I own I don't really play anymore on a constant basis

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Try out most other modes in A3 - the game's so damn diverse! 1600 hours and still not bored.


Favourites being KOTH and Exile. I am looking into getting into that new A3 DayZ Mod, but haven't gotten around to it yet.


Otherwise, DayZ SA has my second-most hours at ~600.


Oh and with the new puppy, I find myself playing Xbox 360 just so I can watch her as I play, so recently it's been a lotof Assassin's Creed Black Flag, sometimes Call Of Doots - the SP campaign and Skyrim.


Oh and guilty pleasure game is Clash Of Clans on the phone.

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