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Nephew is playing my Arma 3

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My sister came in town for my mom's retirement.

- kid is literally bleeding me dry

- bought vehicles everytime he wanted to pull a vehicle

- killed a kos at black market only to get shit on by Jason

- crashed a heli

- took a cargo truck to rebel

- mc killed him at a rebel twice


I lost over half a mil so far and all I want to do is say kid.. stop being an easy target youre fucking up my moneyflow

So if any of you fuckers see Johnson.. STOP FUCKING MY MONEY UP

Edit 1: vx wasted him just now

Edit 2: now that hes down to 17k.. hes bored

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One of you aesholes just set off a suicide vest..

Then as soon as my nephew survived he pulled another pickup out.. and drove it right into the pyrgos bay asking me if it still had insurance right


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