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Check bohemias new revive system

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Would be pretty sweet for medics to get a piece if this action


If you can't see the link:


  • New player interaction based on (new) 'hold action' tech.

  • New 2D and 3D visualization.

  • Extensive control over Revive rules through mission settings and/or config.

  • Backward compatibility.

  • Custom made animations.

  • Engine based unconscious state.

  • 3 different unconscious state triggering models.

  • Enhanced performance - low CPU load and network traffic footprint.


  • Unconscious state and Revive works only for players, AI units cannot perform Revive nor they can be incapacitated.


  • Engine based unconscious state triggering.

  • Unit animations improvements, both visual and functional.

  • Unconscious state visualization moved to engine.

  • Hold action tech moved to engine.

  • Unconscious state and Revive functionality extended to all units.

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2 minutes ago, Muthinator said:

Is this old or new?

New and it seems like its going to cause a fairly large issue on the coding side of things bc it will contradict our current system that keeps them dead until they are revived. Also i have no idea what im talking about

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38 minutes ago, Poseidon said:

Remember the revive system we had for like a week? This is probably just an updated version of that. Could still be buggy like the last one.

Pfft when have Bohemia EVER released buggy content?

I challenge you to name a single time.


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5 minutes ago, Grandma Gary said:

Pfft when have Bohemia EVER released buggy content?

I challenge you to name a single time.


You're buggy :Kappa: 

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