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    I sold both of mine because my pilot was banned but now that hes coming back I want one again lol PM me
  2. haha no. It sort of an inside joke. The simple back story is that while we were deciding who got what rank spongebob wasnt happy with his rank and said "this is outrageous". So me and my friend thought of this and so we made a shitty meme never seen you or heard of you either. Im sure the roleplayers have tho. Oh and dont forget the cops and medics. But with the king of Kav tag I supposed you just afk in kav. You can find us server 2 in warzone on arms dealer. but it makes sense. It is more of an inside joke. But there are plenty of people who get it. So I wanted to share it
  3. I have already addressed that it wont be a direct reflection and and no I want to take this in a serious professional matter. It is also discussion based to inform people.
  4. Are u saying you would like to be a server rep for the podcast?
  5. A few people have had some outstanding topics and question that they have thought about after the deadline was due and I have previously declined them, although further reviewing this matter I realize that some of the questions are pretty good and some very relevant. People may also have questions to ask about the discussion the last part of the stream and will act as a Q and A section. I will be going live later tonight as I prep the questions and people. Many of you wont give a shit but if you do find this sort of thing interesting please feel free to msg me about it in the future. If you miss it or any part of it dont worry I will be posting all the live footage on youtube for future reference. Thank you all for the great questions. I know most people have no clue what is going on but that is because I only asked a certain amount of people for question / topics and help. This was brought to my attention as a portion of bias selectivity and therefore I have adjusted the podcast so that everyone may have a free chance to ask question about the server and address topic they want to talk about. during this time I will be posting a discord so people may be moved 1 by 1 to ask question (NOT ALREADY DISCUSSED) to the server. For those of you who have no Idea WTF is going on essential I have been chatting to a few colleagues and old friends of mind and this podcast formulated as an idea so that we could ask a server rep or the owner some wtf is going on question or just to address topics for the servers future. I have gotten a few responses but nothing official so we wont have a rep to help answer some questions. This might be due to the fact that 1. they are either scared to answer to 2 they think its a joke or waste of time. Either way I approached them in a formal manner and to no ones surprise I wasn't able to get an answer back. This just goes to show that they really dont give a rats ass. More on this tonight in the podcast. Either way I have been messaged about this by other people saying to me that "its a waste of energy" and a "waste of time" but I am here to help out others not just myself, otherwise I wouldnt be doing this. Lastly I want to address that I will be doing several of these maybe once every 2 weeks once a month. Maybe if it picks up some stream I can make it something official either way it is currently just formal and informative. Thank you everyone for helping me out with this and I hope maybe a few people can take something out of this. If not then at least it will be documented. For more information or to make a guest appearance feel free to pm me or add me on discord PURE P.K #6223 - Sincerely P.K
  6. so 2 things. I dont think more cops should get more money. If 1 cop takes down an entire gang good form him he should get the mill bounty. If it took the entire police fore to take down 2 guys worth a mill I dont think that should be boosted. Secondly if you want this to be more realistic I dont think lower ranks should make more money then hire ranks. If they do everyone (like what is happening now) will just become robo cop PO's. So high ranks should make more and lower ranks should put in the hours to make more. This will decrease the number of cops that will also want to play as there ROI is lower in the short term. This would kill 2 bird with one stone You dont need to roleplay. In the police we have IRL there last resort is to shot. Why make it so if your loosing you just lethal right aways its stupid. I agree we need to make them fight smarter. I did an experiment and without NLR and no cost of gear sets the cops just keep coming back. I could take a cartel with a pdub if I had unlimite lives and 10 spawns on the map. It doesnt matter how good of a player you are. This isnt like a battle ground game where you get more loot for killing people and its not like a cs game that makes a playing field equal.
  7. Been saying this for time. with the NLR. apparently thats never gonna happen even though ive explained to staff and apd members that it would solve everything. Also all the butthurt apd always tell me that its sizing up the real life police force. but they dont understand its just a video game BUTTTTT since facts dont care about your feelings let me show ya some FULL LIST HERE what to take note at here is that police per 100K people https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_and_dependencies_by_number_of_police_officers Being that the average was around 350 that means that 350/100,000 = 0.0035 % Cops per population. THAT MEANS if you want a real representation of cops on a server of 100 people there should be maybe one cop or 0.35 cops on like LMAO stop using this as an argument its a video game there isnt a real life size of the force its bull shit. Even at the biggest possible number which is 15,000 - 1 its still only 15%. This is obviously an outlier as these police are there to protect the pope. and the vatican city (which I have been there) is very very small and doesnt have many people at all. Just a heads up i think the redeployment this is dogshit. they SAPD just sabotage the enture thing and abuse it. Many time when I am trying to do a fed I see 3 cops server 1 4 cops server 2 18 cops server 3. LIKE SO MUCH FOR RE DEPLOYING. I have waited over 4 hours for them to switch and nothing happens. so you are forced to not do one or face 15 SAPD. I have even gone as far to has someone go in as an apd and ask why its so even evenly distributed and the said to stop feds and because we want to play together. Like that doesn't justify an uneven balance. But I find it more bullshit when you say oh lets start a run on server 1. Then 10 mins 1 cop spots you and all of a sudden your server is stacked... PLZ FIX I Agree with this. First off fighting off 10 cops when ur by youself makes its very hard. I think already its hard to hold the processors. They really need to fix this because its easier to attack them then defend because you know most of them even if they have guards outside must be in the pro area to do stuff. Fixes to this could be to increase power of defenders and make it so you pro without sitting 5 M away from the dude. Maybe make it so you can pro 150M or in the whole redzone. I can say from personal experience its easier to raid a run then to defend it. I agree you shouldnt close applications but this is part of the reason why its a dead game. If they revived gang life I can personal unsure lots of people would play again but this isnt the case.
  8. agreed/ cops should be capped on each server - based on the IN GAME player base. Maybe make it 10-20% idk Dont be one of those people. Many people on the server know it takes too long and legal runs are not worth it. On top of the fact you can still get robbed by other gangs and if you have lgeal guns and cars you dont stand a chance. Any real person who does runs to make money knows. I think they should maybe even buff legal or illegal runs. Most players play medic and cops to make money and to log on hours. So if we buff the amount of money civs make more people will play civ. We also need to make a max money made by cops. So when the price goes up cops also dont make more. I have predicted this from when I started playing by this server is very cop based when it should be civ based. That will be and has been the death of this server. Sad to see. Ive see someone tell me this and when they showed me what they did to "be good at pressing windows key and hiding" I saw that they has max houses just for one runs and at any sign of trouble they just bailed. They even had 2 spotters for them. In the end it took him 3 hours to do a run that should take 30 mins. Not worth it in my op
  9. I recently started playing clash of clans again, when my sports team started all playing it as well. So far we are all having a blast as some friends trying to have fun and right now we are trying to grow our community. #29P99VC82 so join our clan on Clash of Clans. Just type in the full code above. I am looking for some active players who just want to have some fun. We already have quite a few members so in the future we will be making a trophy requirement and kicking inactive people who don't donate and attack in the wars :) I am not sure why I quit in the first place. I guess its because I grew up and I found the game a little silly however when my friends started playing I found it enjoyable and fun to play again. Plus i enjoy the fact that I have spend a lot of time building up my base that I would like to keep progressing :) *** IMPORTANT *** If you want to join but cant please feel free to PM me. I avoid accepting hoppers and bots - if you want to join please pm me your name when u request or type in below in the replies, thanks
  10. PURE P.K


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