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  1. buckie is dogshit you're right but you shouldn't be calling people irrelevant when no one knows you ..
  2. so theoretically if you had over a 100 hours on the server but then you lost it due to a wipe.. would you have to get 100 hours on the server again?
  3. Im gonna be so fucking trash
  4. @ScreaM heres a better meme
  5. a few weeks ago I got hit off for a week on and off and I changed my ip and started using a VPN ever since... Do just want people to get hit off?
  6. you're gassin it deadass b
  7. so that makes sense why I dont know you...
  8. who are you?
  9. where the tactical coordinator? @bigPat
  10. @Doc
  11. now who am I going to talk to when I get banned... Shalindor? o7
  12. Ill sell it for even less @Mercury @ScreaM @Hectic
  13. https://gyazo.com/3a62445a5121c661455c39f8cd07905c I also miss hella shots on someone going 10 mph in a hatchback... me too
  14. stop sneak dissing @Solomon

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