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  1. i'd make them my slave and steal their kidney. just me tho
  2. Cro

    goodbye :)

    See ya in another couple of years, maybe. @Zakaloko kisses his dad @1-800TryHards is trash @Energyyy sucks at WOT
  3. olympus has trash music taste -_-
  4. where the medic blue doo rags at <_< and the new revive animations
  5. Cro

    Wtb mx tasers

    Buying mx tasers 200k ea. Server 2
  6. Or just remove the whole medic middleman of denying. If you click the button you got to wait 30 seconds then able to respawn
  7. Most or all medics actually deny when people request. Maybe you shouldn't re request to be picked up.
  8. Cro

    WTB Mx Tasers

    mx taser - 250k ea
  9. Selling 2C Heroin House 1.3M literally 300m away from heroin field. Perfect for running LSD, Diamond or Heroin. DM if interested willing to negotiate
  10. Cro


    Is there any way to actually countermeasure a titan on olympus without tanking the first shot. Pretty sure countermeasure mode doesn't work. ALSO wtf is skywriting and how do I do it. Thanks
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