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  1. More than happy to sell all 3 at once if the offer is good but equally don't mind selling each individually. Really good for Heron as it's not directly in the town and can pull out vehicles for free along with not being KOS while doing so. Really good for doing diamonds; pull tempest device out of Garage. Collect and store all unprocessed diamonds in house and then quilin back and forth from diamond processor. Very safe and easy money
  2. PM'd! Still looking for other offers!
  3. Still looking to buy 3 crater and 4 craters
  4. looking for the above (will buy 3 craters also). PM me offers
  5. Location of house, still up for sale.
  6. Still selling
  7. After them screams of joy from your teammates im surprised they didn't offer you a happy ending.
  8. Selling the above post offers below

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