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  1. IMO would prefer dev time to focus on gameplay changes and not on UI. Just something to consider
  2. Thought Page was going... Got me excited there
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/GHOSTK1LLER/
  4. thought this was going to be @Mason Statham
  5. Yes was going to say this; is this worth the development time? what benefits come with a rotating rebel? shouldn't development time be focused on stuff more useful?

    WTB WP

    How much you offering per WP? I can offer all 200 if good price
  7. I did read it but meming '12 units' of time is simply a joke. This was donation reward which some people might have only paid solely for so it would be developed and we're still waiting for the '(will expand upon this when goal is met)'.
  8. @FusahWhere is warpoint terminal? People donated for that goal and nothing has been said about it.
  9. January 2019 Rewards Gang Bank Upgrade to hold Warpoints! War Terminal (will expand upon this after goal is met) 10% Discount on Rebel Vehicles Where this at? Was meant to be this patch?
  10. When are warpoints able to transfer at an ATM being added in?
  11. That works out to 1.6k per warpoint. People are offering 15k per warpoint bud.
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