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  1. Just for those who seem to not have read this part... These rules are being implemented into the APD Master Handbook due to an increase in the success rate of Federal Events recently. Hopefully, this allows the APD to have a realistic chance at countering a Federal Event in an attempt to make the win rate more reasonable. These rules are flexible and can change or be removed at that point. APD officers are to use common sense when utilizing these rules, they should be used when the APD is at a significant disadvantage. APD officers that are found to be abusing these rules will face disciplinary action.
  2. o7 @ 1thedoc always had a blast playing with you.

  3. Congrats my good sir @ Winters

  4. Tyronee


    o7 papa bless
  5. Happy Birthday @ Tyronee

  6. Happy Birthday! @ 1thedoc

  7. o7 @ ThatNerdyGuy  now that's a wawawo...

  8. Tyronee

    WTS envg

    sorry sold mine like a week ago

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