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  1. What is the smallest avaliable detonatable explosive on the server? 

    1. SPBojo


      Ur mom

    2. nman


      SLAM I think 

    3. doubleueyeceekay


      detonatable without other intervention is the explosive charge iirc?

  2. @ Mudiwa  WING MONEYYYYY happy birthday!

  3. Why do we not have the Contact DLC Spectrum Device as a radar gun for APD?

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    2. Boovin


      Bro titans that work in vanilla arma 3 are still bugged on this server don’t blow their brains out with contact dlc shit 

    3. Darren Nsonowa

      Darren Nsonowa

      swear half the server is anti-RP


    4. Larkerz


      ^^^ You joined an Arma 3 roleplay server, and not just any server, you joined Olympus. What did you expect?

  4. Is there any like price list of rare gear? Like tasers, bw items, airdrop items etc.

  5. shoutout to my man @ Lime  who even though I failed every question passed me as advanced paramedic, appriciate it my G

    1. Lime


      U only failed because @ Venomm  was Psy op-ing you 

    2. Darren Nsonowa

      Darren Nsonowa

      Are you telling me that, medics can't actually be racist????

  6. ayo who was the fella that flew abroad and banged this mita chick I forgot his name

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    2. Darren Nsonowa

      Darren Nsonowa

      ah right that was it. Thanks, and may god forgive his horny sins and irregardless lusts.


    3. goooooon


      I can name 2 rabid and rexo 

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