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  1. This would've been an easy win for the mighty LoF but apparently PDW's aren't allowed so we would struggle. @DylNN @Dombo @PenisPump123
  2. Apparently its someone who gets 3.6 mil for free
  3. get 1060 thats what i have it very nice
  4. Will vigi'ing on cartels be allowed
  5. the mk14 is the mrap wiper, 3rd person spray OP. MRCO in case you have to zoom in but dont do that
  6. nvm i understand what he did now Hahahhahahaahahhaha
  7. n e m o


    ?? there is people getting 1.2km kills with MK1 ARCO and you think 1km with MAR10 is hard? lmao
  8. n e m o


    It cant shoot past 200m unless you're very skilled with it, only sniper type gun is MAR10, although mk1 is still a good sniper if you're a decent shot
  9. How much is it to rekey the strider?
  10. You can download the PBO file for attack and defend and host it yourself if you join the mission at least once
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