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  1. white lives matter too

    1. billdroid


      no they dont

  2. because its not hard to have 2 person in each tower with 200 round clips shooting up incoming hatchbacks like a Florida school attacking is a lot harder then defending
  3. yes and no if you steal some kids run and he just keeps coming back with rooks and pdubs its gonna be cancer and like that on guy said feds will be a lot more civ sided
  4. these new forums look like the off brand oreos 

  5. image0.png

    fuck you @Ryan i now have a gambling addiction 4000 in the hole

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Dab


      Then play $GME

    3. GoonThe14Yearold


      💯  did you go red BIG REDS

    4. billdroid


      Jesus Christ hatchbacks u live in Florida go outside and you won’t feel the urge to gamble

  6. i have just ordered this on amazon prime

    new video with the pov of kids college coming out soon e45df2774b5d81d6d24ddceb747dd542.png

    1. Millennium


      Can you make a video of you working the ice cream shop

    2. lesbian against antarctica
  7. if you rdm someone photoshop the direct communication at the bottom of the screen in thee clip then make a voice over of you saying hands up or die and put it over the clip works 9/10
  8. get a fucking life loser "free fed free fed freed fed government support" shut your ugly ass mouth

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