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Altis IRL

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Evar wanted to exploar Altis in real lyfe?

Gud news my bud!

For those who dun know, Altis is heavily based on the Greek island 'Lemnos'

This has probably been posted all over this forum but I thought I'd put it out dere eh


Or explore it for urself 


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I'd love to go and drive around the in real life, simply because I'd know exactly which way to go.
It's kinda scary when you look on google maps and you notice the roads are mostly accurate, meaning the road you take to rebel someone takes to work.

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1 hour ago, TheCmdrRex said:

I would except I don't want to be RDM'd by some random with a beretta 

I was going to point out that Kavala Square is a school or kids park....RDM EVERYTHING

imean....let's not do that

The reviews are hilarious. I can only imagine watching someone who doesn't know anything at all about Arma 3 read the reviews and get completely freaked out.

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