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1 hour ago, Fresh Kiwi Juice said:

Man.... I sure miss restraining players and taking their kidneys....

Could we get that back?

Maybe a donation goal?


I would fuckin dump my bank account in for that one.

I know they took it out because it was being abused when cops restrained people (admins, I totes never abused that. plz no ban), but maybe make it take longer (30 sec maybe?) and have the civ scream so the cops can stop him. That and/or make it like the removing illegal items when cops are near by. If a cop is within a certain range, make it not possible to take a kidney (not sure how hard that would be to code though)

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maybe a cooldown timer could be put on it, and a system similar to epis where you have to get back to a hospital soon after if you want to keep your gear or life. Also only taking kidneys of live and restrained players would make it less accessible to some, making the risk and reward ratio quite even

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