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We should ban people for saying

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I think by them saying this we should have the right to actually RDM them.




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Honestly its a form of meta-gaming.  It is against the rules to break RP in this way.  Your in-game character would have no idea about that stuff so it shouldn't be discussed.  


If you are recording great, if you see something happen that shouldn't, great.  Submit a player ticket so it can be dealt with.  Otherwise no one cares if your recording or not.


I've started telling Cadets and Constables that I interact with to RP it out when people say that:  "Oh you have your dash cam running, we'll I'll just go turn that off" or "Oh your dash cam is running, we'll we'll just move you over here out of its view" or "Ohh sir your wearing a personal cam... well let me just confiscate that for evidence of your actions tonight."  Keep it in RP if someone breaks RP like that and it may just turn the experience around.


After a bout with TCA Alex I went over all that with him because a number of TCA guys had just done similar things and he seemed extremely receptive to that kind of RP and he was even able to get himself back into RP because of how I dealt with him.  Its unfortunate that the next day most of them were banned but thats life I guess.  If we can get everyone doing this then I think it might change how people interact on the server.

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Your in-game character would have no idea about that stuff so it shouldn't be discussed.  



Exactly, this is what people don't seem to understand. Recording isn't something you throw around to prevent rulebreaking, but it's a way to resolve it after the fact. I think there is a time to tell people ingame that you're recording, but it's exceedingly rare. (I've had cops for example that have needed me to DC/reconnect due to this or that glitch and have reminded me of rules regarding it/that they're recording.. That I can understand, because it's not RP-related, but game issues that can be easily abused.)

RP-wise, I mean.. I've had hostages tell me they're recording. Hostages. Like, if you're a hostage, you're in absolutely no position to try and bully your captor(s) with that kind of thing. It's also the last thing that you'd want them to know - all they have to do is search your body to find whatever camera, after they've executed you. Or, as you do, move you to another location. It's just absolutely terrible RP. In this kind of situation, the primary focus should be to preserve your life, not to let your captor(s) know that you'll have them prosecuted if they botch your execution.. I mean really.. 

I don't know about banning for it, but maybe it should change the rules of that specific situation. IE, hostages can be executed after being robbed due to failing the RP. Perhaps cops would have to give a reduced ticket/pardon, and civs could be sent straight to jail without a chance to pay their ticket? Something that is enough to give people incentive not to breach RP, but nothing that is just simply too much. It also helps compensate the affected party.

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Yup people who say they are recording 9 times out of 10 are not and they just want you to worry and comp them...I always record but never argue with anybody I just submit and let the admin sort it out...except vigilantes I hate those guys they never read the damn rules and think they are the cops i give them the most crap

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Dat necropost tho

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On 10/2/2014 at 12:41 AM, Poseidon said:

If we didn't require recordings 90% of reports would be bob rdmed me and my friends bill, bawls, and lucy all saw it, B4N H1M!!1!!


Yea ok let me just take all your friends word for it and ban bob.

Not what he is saying he is saying people should get banned for mentioning they are recording 

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