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Fed/Jail/ Blackwater Alarm

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15 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

I think a solid 5 minutes is good cause then civs nearby know not to go because cops might not be there in 2-3 minutes. And then if they driving past they get gatted.

look at map it changes to red zone indicating the zone is actively used a alarm is not necessary 

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5 minutes ago, DeadPool1337 said:

look at map it changes to red zone indicating the zone is actively used a alarm is not necessary 

Sometimes it gets bugged though. And some people don't realize it's active till they are driving past.

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Just now, Jesse said:



or make something where you can turn it off by hacking something that would be pretty cool like how you have to hack anti air

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Just now, McDili said:

Nothing against you Deadpool but I don't think I've seen such a nitpicky complaint before.

Really. Thought I must have beaten this before...

like for real, I must have something nitpickier than this. Lol

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10 minutes ago, Jesse said:

Lets be real. The real complaint here should be why isn't this thread in Suggestions & Feedback...



Not gonna lie never knew that existed til now......

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How about whenever anyone places any bomb it kills everyone on the server and wipes their bank accounts and unbanns pancake from his 7 day


Just a suggestion tho

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