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APD Handbook/Ticket Guide Update 6/25/17

Guest G.O.A.T.

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Guest G.O.A.T.

Credit to @Pledge and @TheCmdrRex for making the new ticket guide. 

Ticket guide update encompasses many price updates and singular update to Vehicular Manslaughter, which now provides probable cause.


This update comes into effect immediately.


Chapter III - Use of Force

  1. Your First Weapon
    1. Your first weapon is always your voice. Always attempt to defuse a situation without firing a shot.
    2. If necessary, you may bring your weapon at the ready while continuing to use your voice.
    3. If the situation calls for it, you may restrain a suspect or civilian if your verbal attempts to resolve the situation have failed.
  2. Non-Lethal Force
    1. The use of tazer rounds (e.g. Police Pistol or Tracer Rounds) are permitted when a suspect attempts to flee on foot or in a vehicle, or presents any weapon.
    2. The use of non-lethal weapons may be used to disable fleeing vehicles by targeting the driver or pilot or their wheels or rotors.
  3. Lethal Force
    1. Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation.
      1. If you have loaded lethals during a situation against a single group and another group joins that situation, lethals are still authorized against all opposing forces.
    2. Failure of a non-lethal solution is defined by 2 failed attempts with a non-lethal option by the individual officer..
      1. Lethal loading waves are not counted until a Corporal or higher has gone through at least 2 waves.
    3. Lethal force may also be authorized when the officers are outnumbered by a ratio of 3:1.
    4. Rules of Engagement - “Do not fire until fired upon…”
    5. If at any point while executing the duties of an APD member you come under fire without prior warning you are immediately allowed to return fire with extreme care for life and property of the people of Altis until the situation has been neutralized
      1. NOTE: Exception - See Ghosthawk & Armed Hummingbird rules
    6. If two or more officers are tased during an active engagement lethal force is authorized against the group/gang that tased the officer regardless of wave.
    7. If a server reset occurs during an active situation and lethal force was authorized prior to restart, officers may return to the situation with lethals loaded on rebels still at and/or fleeing the situation. Same reason as above, some rebels abused restart and cops would have to re-do non-lethal waves to get back to lethals which put cops at a disadvantage.

    8. If an officer is taken hostage, lethal force is authorized in order to recapture the officer.

  4. Vehicle Shooting
    1. When fired on the officers may return fire on that unit(s) with the intention of disabling the unit(s).
    2. This includes any weapons such as hand guns, assault guns, Titans, .50 Cal, ect
    3. The officers may only fire back when they have a positive location of the unit(s) that have fired
    4. If the officers are starting the engagement APD must send a text to a member of the criminal unit from an officer within the vehicle before firing letting them know they will be fired upon by the APD if they do not surrender.
      1. Exception - All APD ground vehicles.
      2. Once it has been determined that the suspect is clearly evading, they are cleared to open fire upon the fleeing assailant. 
      3. If while attempting to land/park, the surrendering unit(s) opens fire against the APD after surrendering, the officers may immediately open fire back.
    5. Lethal rounds may only be used per the normal handbook rules
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