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As I sit here on a work trip....

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...I have had many a talk back and forth with my fellow staff members.  At this time I have decided that it would best suit my sanity, as well as my commitment to this community, that I step down as an active Administrator.


I do this so that I may focus more on what made me help get this server up and running from the very beginning...the love of the design and the love of the community.  


I am still an active staff member and will always be available to assist in anyway that I can, but keep in mind, that I will no longer have those immediate admin powers that I once wielded.  


This change will give me a chance to get back into finishing the map so that it may be glorious as it was always promised to be, to fix, design, and redesign skins as needed, and to also revive those unfortunate souls who fall victim in Altis...as well as light up the night sky with Ghosthawk munitions.


I want to thank everyone in the community that has made me welcome here, as well as all of those that keep this place a damn awesome place to call my gaming home.  You guys keep it all up!

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Thank yout for taking the time to give me a chance to work with the R&R community, if anything you have inspired me to learn how to build in arma 3 map editor. Here is a video hope you enjoy anything with explostions always brings a smile on my face. Till we meet again friend. tekcub



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Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I will be hitting my stream up hardcore starting tomorrow morning so I can get that map redone and out there for you guys. Then I need to harass Poseidon to get the help towing in so I can get my R&R on!

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