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Whats the best way to make money solo/safe?

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9 hours ago, Toasty said:

If youre REALLLYYY into salvage, there is a few places where you can land a plane on the shore of an excavation site. Itll make you about 1.5mill a run.

Where do you recommend? And also if I don't get a plane is there still good spots to go with a sub?


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10 hours ago, GreysonIsCOol said:

Where do you recommend? And also if I don't get a plane is there still good spots to go with a sub?


With sub, go to the middle of the ocean (between pygros, and war zone), and that’s usually a good calm spot. 

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Orca meth runs. They're so quick you basically dodge being caught simply because you're not there long enough. Each run takes about 17 minutes, the more back to back runs you do the more chance you have of being caught because you're predictable. It's about 500k per run if you don't want to cap the cartel. You'll probably get caught once out of every 10 runs you do if you're playing it safe.

If you do get caught, it's 150k to insure your Orca again. If you do die during the run, obviously don't go right back to it. If you find yourself getting caught multiple times by the same group, change your name. If they're anything like DB they probably keep track of who does what runs where and will pay attention to those areas more. Take note at who is online, certain gangs will either be in the area doing what you're doing or actively robbing. If you get spotted at one of the ingredient fields, abandon your run - they know where you're going.

You can be extra hard to catch if you keep your Orca spooled by getting into Copilot and turning your engine on. While you have your engine on you wont be able to hear shit so take out your Rook and lean backwards into the wall, congratulations, you can now see through walls.

To maximise your efficiency even further, grab at least a three or four crater house and fill using a Tempest Device. Then casually do an Orca run from your house whenever you feel like you can get away with it. This scales very well, I'll leave you to figure out how on your own.

This same technique and tips can be applied to basically anything, just for less profit per run.

I personally look forward to all these extra Orcas I'm about to catch at Meth lab.

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On 4/6/2018 at 11:16 PM, GreysonIsCOol said:

I got about 3.7mill and I'm tryna get a lot more. I get about 600k an hour doing salvage. Anyway faster/more money that you recommend? Thanks.

go around and follow medics asking for money till there annoyed and say, "heres a dollar" and hands you 100k to shut the fuck up

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