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Mr. Theak's Rental Contract

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Are you new? Tired of having to walk away from a nearly compete a run when you have to go or something goes wrong?
Can't afford to buy a home owners insurance and 2 mill to get a decent piece of property, let alone the 2 mill in upgrades? Are there no 'good' properties for sale in your area?
Look no further!
I am proposing a contract that the GOVERNMENT of Olumpus could, *if willing , enforce.
I took a break and came back but don't see myself sticking to civ life for most part, more of a here and there occurance. (medics another story ill be on all the time probably fly in the skys of altis)
I keep seeing new players talking about getting screwed over by the trolls of olymous backing out and taking advantage of their ignorance, thus making the new player feel unwelcome and they leave.

How would it work you ask?
Great question!
First you pm me that you are interested with your steam id, and the areas of altis that would interest you.
We then discuss availabilities of assests and the terms of use.
Once terms are acceptable, you sign the contract(  ie  I  (player name) agree to these terms.....)
IF either side breaks the agreement the governement (admins) can make the call on what appropriate actions need to be taken.

Why do you need my steam id?
When you let someone have keys you can see whos online and whos not. however if they are not loged on you just see their player steam id.
Lets say 2 people were in agreement to rent a property, we will say garage, and one persons lease/rent is up they can be easily removed without having to clear house so to speak.
Also, lets say you think hey ill just rob the house now that i have keys(if multiple people are sharing), well thats where the governemnt (admins) could then see punitive damage or give out passport denials.

What all could this include? (houses, garages, vehicles, commodities)
Have to much corn and need some sugar... why not lets trade.
All this and more are at your finger tips.

now 2 things,
 the governemt should think about this as it could expaind trust within the community.
yes people do this all the time but all the time people get screwed too.
Im comfortable doing this because im not going to be using the assests to their fullest abilitys and it seems a waste.
People at the least know of me and that I'm trustworthy.
Everyone focuses on robing the island blind, srangaling the already bottlenecked noobies that come and go.
Why not try to help people get started, get more invested, and feel safer with their play time.

I put a thing up about extra moonshine and other items i had and it got alot of attention.
Yes i'm really gonna do this regardless if the government wants to take this chance to back this idea or not.
I will go more into detail later or upon request. its an idea i have kicked around for awhile so this is just skin deep.

Mr. Theak

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Seems like a good idea, I like the idea of rentable housing, maybe make it so a house(not owned) can be rented daily(like 1/10 of the cost of the house a day) but maybe make it an addition to the server instead of through players? If you rent a house, you could than flatmate with people and share keys. Maybe even make it so you can't spawn in them, but you get access to a house with 100% upgrades. On top of that, make it so you can put storage crates in them, but you gotta remove them before the house goes on market. IDK how well i explained myself, but it seems like a good idea for the newbies!

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Well it's happening. 1 garage and a propertie are currently in use.

I still have a house and 2 garages.(multiple use the garage, replace what you use. 30 w 30b 10lp 10 zips 5 bb 2 epis...) it's really nice when you need something and o ya I have keys to this garage right here bam! Saves day hero yaaaa 

Current opening for that house will be in 3 days, he was asking for people to help gather.

Admins sure have stuff to do,but I know how easy it is to give the hammer for failed rp.

I don't want any code rewritten!

Nope you don't get to spawn there. Nope you don't get 'i' inventory unless I'm on and am ok with it.

Also, i wasn't just  asking  staff or a admin. I'm saying the entire community should embrace this consept. 

Speeking of grinding, I have a bunch of unprocessed oil, mooneshine, for thee interested aswell. 

Again don't go wild people, I don't want new code. It's literally as easy as this ready to take notes lol.

Hey you want to use this house cool here's what I want per day. Ok cool here you go. K thanks.

Now let's say he somehow they break the deal, lets say with his partner but we had mutually agreed. Then the person who broke the contract gets a failed rp ban for a few days.

Wow now that was easy!

Don't undercut the staff here. It takes alot to deal with all the kids complaining.

It's easy to get triggered in this game too.

It's currently in need of a pick me up with all the current ... issues... with arma.

Don't want to use my stuff. ...ok then why are you commenting. Buahah

The funnest part is the noobs aren't all on the forms and I asked a guy in game and he was so cool he told a buddy and now they will both have a nice foot hold within the next 3 days they should make alot together.

Vechiles I will loan if I know you, until the government shows interest, I'm not gonna let you use it and then chop a tempest lol sorry.

I do have people asking if I'll take items or ingredients, I will maybe take a cut of processed items but it would be you giving me the processed items before you get keys. I will also have to sell so you will need more of said item.

Hope I answered your questions.

6 hours ago, MrBoonie said:

Hey this entire idea out your head theak, won't happen. 

You need keys to my garages ;)

7 hours ago, Homicide said:

4 real dosent make sense to give development more work that really isnt needed 

I wonder if it would indeed lighten the workload. You gonna screw someone over knowing the government WILL be banning you for failed rp. I dought it. Now for the favoritism and gang privalage i can't speak for . Xd

We have plenty of staff, and yes they are vollenters that care about the growth and expansion of the servers. They defend it like warriors. Thats why they should be glad to do it. They arent doing it for the money now are they. ;) For now it's damage contol for problems that they can't fix.

And I just realized... it wouldnt be more work it would be more accountable work. Meaning long term you getting rid of the people whom are making their vollenter work aids. Ie, easing the work load. Only trolls wouldnt like this idea as it protects people form the scum trying to harm the server. It upgrades an idle complaint with little to no evidence to full 100% accountablility.

Why is this good, well the people that are gonna troll are gonna troll. Eventually they will get enough bans to build up to a perm if they continue. Instead of getting away with it and every one having to see a rant about how someone got screwed by some b.s. gang. Something can then accually be done about the cancer that chases off new people.

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7 hours ago, Ignis said:

You gotta grind for that 

Just isn't worth it for me anymore on that level. Ever since people started buying money and camping.

What do you guys think staff has to do. 

You broke the deal, click click ban. Done


And no I don't mean their everyday stuff.

I hope it catches on and people start helping eachother out, in staid of killing eachother last second and keeping it all.

Trust... it's just not here because of the trolls.

It's a good idea just remember whom your sharing what with.

Depending on the size and location I would reccommend 150k a day at least. But all my stuff is fully upgraded and in key areas. I could prob get more but I'm not greedy.

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Another house rented, 2 day contract.

Thank you for business and good luck.

The houses/garages I'm not worried about. You pay upfront and the worst you could do would be take the extra food and stuff. Eh. You are responsible for your run. If you get that house raided it's on you. (Any house bait type ghosting will be reported, ie. You rent my house fill it up and raid it on cop.)

However the cars and stuff ima probably hold off on unless I'm on and doing a run with you or until I hear this idea green lighted.

Support team could handle this stuff easily.

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one of the 3 houses is currently being rented with one being off the market because im using it, alot of interest in my garage keys, i will accually be putting a higher terrif on the garages instaid of 50k a week it iwll be 100k a week. this will not effect the people whom have already paid in advance. 
If you see another person using my garage that you want to use aswell be curtious and wait. enemy gang member .. well thats up to you to kill them but if it becomes a camping issue your keys will be revoked with no refund.

Sale! while offer lasts
100k a day if you do 4 or more days.
500k for 7 days( weekend is free basically)

So far so good. nothing from staff but thats fine. they are trying to unfuck the server.
Vechicles will still be off limits for the time being unless i have a few friends on doing a joint run.

Need a lift? im usually in the air  hit me up for a non hostile lift. ( got to dodge a armed plain yesterday for while i gave a buddy the tour, "arent you worried" he says, buhahah nope!, good stuff!, nice attempt pilot  bw :) you hit him once how was the tour of the moutains buahahahahaahah)

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Very cool idea I feel this would be cool to go mainstream, the idea I think would be great is with less server staff involvement which is what your looking for but instead maybe the APD could step in if the tenant refuses to leave your property. I think this because being a bad tenant could be a great chance for server role play and it is something that can be experienced in real life but in reality you wouldn't have administrative actions taken by the government but instead by the police.

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If I have a bad tenet I can revoke keys. I could maybe do someone with the apd and rentING my cars, but I would have to be confident in the skill level of the apd, I'll let you know when I see that. Lol xd.

Admins, I would need if they decide to contract a car to rent and then they chop it not part of the deal. If they get it chopped they don't get the deposit back which will be the full ins. I'm not new or dumb lol. I know the risKS and I see the state of the server is in trouble. So for now the cars and trucks are off limits.

Another house contracted for 2 days and another happy garage mate.

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O wow. I wasn't paying attention to steam. Ill get on later and give keys to the one house and 2 garages to the tree of you.


So I will also offer group discounts too great idea!

I don't want to see gang wars outside my homes but...( accually that would be cool) if you have a group or gang that all would like keys I will do a bulk deal for garage key for as little as a day to a max of a month. I reserve the right to remove AnyONEs access deemed cancerous.


Thank you for all the nice pms.

I think the private info we will keep to steam. 

To find your uid go to your profile and scroll down a little, it's on the left side.

It's also your steam url, it's the long numbers.

O and yes I will sling load your hemmet. Deposit is the ins. My cut will depend on my time.  Your done and waiting with the toe straps on, a to b  I would be glad to assist. Think I'm going to fly across the map wait an hr to get titaned.. not gonna happen.  If I get titaned and you loose your hemmet that's arma but I'm a nice guy and can work with you. Want to use my storage that's gonna be a bigger fee because I have to do more work.


As I've shown time and time again I can dog planes and more than not titans in the orcha, (sure I've been shot down before, I can't remember the last time, I think it was when I messed up and flew directly through blackwater mid turn.)

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So to answer the question asked to me.

Yes you can rent one of my houses fill it with somethING legal and then ask for an apd escort to sell. Not 100% sure you'll get a responcible but it's like a good 20%. Buahah. Plan it out ask when is a good time and work it out with them.


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I'm glad you made an average of 3mil a day( dang taxes lol)

House available! 

Also either the other house has another day or you left stuff. I'll be nice and wait. 

Otherwise I'll host a giveaway! Maybe I'll corddonate it with a lottery round at my discression. That way Noone can say I had any favortism, and if the lotto is broken or if there's some exploit I'm not responcible for thay, whoever wins it wins it. I would guess the lotto will get high if I'm giving away 150 Glass and 350 moonshine. I'll look at server pop times and prob do it when we are close to full (server 2, guess it doesn't have to be just server 2 that's just my home, I'll keep you posted)

And I see your prob waiting to do an escort, hmm... interesting take your time (I'd highly reccomend you sell the moonshine first,) then I'd like to see it work out for everyone, no inquirys for that property at the moment so I'm not gonna rush you out :). Take the night to do what you need. Tomorrow if it's still full though someone will appriciate the boost.

Yes you can deposit money to me if I'm on or not. Haven't tested this but I think it's an option at the atm. Drop box or something. If I see you paid for additional time it's yours to keep renting, I'll gladly extend the contract.

No, there has been no staff interest at this time. I'm not going to lie to you.Not one responce, dang BDO taking all the important people's time.

However for what I'm currently doing I don't need staff. You mess up I take the keys away full or not.

(Not sure how getting raided would work unless I'm on when that said property would be getting raided, anyone want to enlighten me on that, how would that work? Charges? Or would they just take the illigal items)

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On 4/19/2018 at 6:21 AM, Hoonter said:

Seems like way to much work for the voluntary staff that already have people complaining about them being slow at their job

It looks more like a BDO thing than slow staff.

On 4/22/2018 at 3:40 PM, Sandmanmmm said:

Very cool idea I feel this would be cool to go mainstream, the idea I think would be great is with less server staff involvement which is what your looking for but instead maybe the APD could step in if the tenant refuses to leave your property. I think this because being a bad tenant could be a great chance for server role play and it is something that can be experienced in real life but in reality you wouldn't have administrative actions taken by the government but instead by the police.

I reread this, I like it your right.

In staid of just taking keys I could have the apd raid my own house!? Lol how would that work, prob not to good for me but I bet the apd would get a nice chunk of change.   "Sir, we are here with the owner, your getting evicted!" Not like they could lock the cops out with me there buahahha.

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If you are interested please have your uid , area of interest AND ready with payment.

No I will not just give the locations out, so you can camp them. That's where the government has the opportunity to back this idea, give the trolls a few day ban for attempting to exploit a contracted house.

I reserve the right to refuse service to people with troubled uid pasts.(or if I just dont like your attitude)

No I will not give out uids even though they are public, that information is confidential between me and my clients.

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Server 2 abde pay phone 4 crater house might be available to buy. I sold it. It's the one east of the one at the atm 4 crater.

Meth isn't worth it right now. And 3 (DIFFERENT) people said they got ghosted by someone server hoping in the moutain to get a better postion on them, sounds like an experience olympus player. Shame shame shame. I bet it's a troll, so sad when someone has nothing better to do than try to ruin a fun server. 

Also, some shady stuff when down and I realized noone but big gangs, apd (or civ apd affiliates) or campers with nothing to lose are doing meth. I have relocated to a better house for a more realistic location to make money. Once I upgrade the property it will be available for rent too.

I'll be doing a giveaway if this other house isn't empty at the end of the extendeductible contract. 

The person doesn't want to sell the illigeal items because they think it's a waste of time. They still doubled their investment so they are happy with my idea.

So prob later today or tomorrow here's my idea.

I'll give a psa when I'll do the giveaway 250+ moonshine. I will use the lottery system and you will send me 50k aswell.

So you can buy 100 lotto tickets for all I care but all you have to do is buy 1 and send me 50k. The winner of the lottery gets the moonshine. (100k investment could payout in the millions)

I think it's fair, I get compensated for my time, the winner wins a ton because I have a feeling the lottery will get high too. (Winner will get a time and place to get their transportion ready.)

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