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Alright lets see how this goes haha. I want to hear the community opinion on BurBan as a whole not individuals. Try not to point people out if possible, but lets hear what everyone that knows BurBan really think... This should be interesting.

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Hate them because not long after I started playing a few months back they robbed me 3 times in like 2 hours. Though for the most part they're pretty good with RP. Gotta give them that. I have yet to have a problem with them blatantly breaking rules or combat logging, personally.

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That's true Pringle.  Although we try to be careful with who we recruit and I always promote following the rules, there are always going to be a few people that will slip up or have poor judgement.

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BurBan has some good roleplay.


BurBan does a lot of hostage situations when I'm on cop, so uh... I usually don't go to server 3... because they are smart about how to handle hostage situations.

This guy^^ We love having fun, #McDilli4Chief

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As the people of Server 2 know very well, let me give my opinion on BurBan like I do on Side chat.. "ARRR...GGGG..GGG..HH.HHH"

Plus.. They're recruiting measures throw me off a bit.. I mean, I'm pretty sure let Chief Greybeard in for playing a "Smoke weed everyday" Soundboard.. lolwut?

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they are good.. I hate them because they are good. My biggest complaint is when I got killed. But this goes for everyone.I wias robbing a gas station and they text me put my hands or die has I was running out.. yes it was 5 seconds but if they are in voice area use the voice. They should be better than that... IMO. BUt they thing I like about them is they do thier best to follow the rules. If you follow the rules then I have not problem being killed. WEll not as much... Wish I was in gang that could fly around the map and rob/kill/ troll farm with a little more pieceof mind.

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This Gang it dope, but some of the guys need to learn rules and roleplay before shooting someone. I been in different situations with them before I came a Cop. Some of your guys need to Roleplay instead of being there not saying shit and then shoot. But overall the ppl I know who's in Burban is dope! 

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BurBan is really two gangs together. the higher up members that i've seen follow rp extremely well, I've spoken to them at some points and they seem cool.


The other half though...


...I've caught the other half wallhacking to a pretty bad extent, breaking rp at certain points and other unpleasant things.



The ones that come on often are the only ones that matter though, and they're pretty cool

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I personally don't have a problem with them... And for you guys that robbed, instead of running you should try and comply with their demands. This ALWAYS works for me... I may have to give them 20-30 percent of my profits but they guarantee delivery and sale of the product. I guess you could call it's symbiotic relationship ;-)

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