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Vigilante Obligations

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This is just a short list of questions that may already have answers or are up for discussion.

Q1: Are vigilantes obligated to arrest anyone at all? In particular, players with a bounty below $75k considering that we are not permitted to send these players to prison.

There isn't much to say about this one, however from my own perspective, the job description of vigilantes is exactly as the name suggests, individuals who have made the decision to take enforcement of the law into their own hands or "bounty hunters."

Q2: Are vigilantes obligated to hand over an escorted player with a bounty at or above $75k to a police officer.

I've accidentally refreshed this page twice so I'm going to cut this short (new keyboard.) Regardless of the fact that vigilantes are in no way, shape or form, sanctioned to be above the law, is it against server rules for a police officer to take a criminal being escorted by a vigilante, away from them, assuming of course that the vigilante isn't harassing the player or breaking any server rules. The obvious reason for this question being that the one who turns the player in is the one who receives the bounty. I've had this happen to me 3 times yesterday, twice for a rather large bounty and once for a small one. The 2 larger bounties involved players wanted for $550k and $770k, now obviously vigilantes need to check the wanted list to identify wanted players (which I personally find to be a huge inconvenience,) however, an officer called this 2 players out to put their hands up, both armed and they both ran. The officer ran 1 way and I eventually followed up. I ended up following some random civ and ran into the player worth $770k, told him to put his hands up, etc. however I was randomly killed (must have glitched into the scenery or something,) and the officer claimed the bounty, bad luck on my end. As for the $550k bounty, I restrained the player but the officer told me to put my gun down and back away regardless of the fact that I informed both him and the player that I was a vigilante. The 3rd time, a player armed with a pistol RDMed  a group of police and civs in the square, I was able to taze and restrain the player as they tried to run away and juke my shots. The player was put in my vehicle, however the officer told me to hand the player over to him and he would wire me the bounty amount. The officer said at the atm, "Oh I can't find you anywhere," and left with the player. I asked about it later and didn't get a response. Anyways, obviously besides all of the whining on my end, I'd just like this questions cleared up for future reference. Yes I have video evidence of all these occurences, I actually leave my stream up 24/7 regardless of the game I'm playing and I'm always in the streamer section of the Olympus TS.

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If you are a vigi you are only allowed to down/restrain a player if they are wanted for 75k or more as it says in the vig rules. In regards to a cop taking away a bounty from you they are only allowed to do that if you are abusing your vigi license or the player is wanted for less then 75k. If you catch the guy (down & restrained him) he is yours to put in jail and the officer should not interfere. 

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If you are a vigi you are only allowed to down/restrain a player if they are wanted for 75k or more as it says in the vig rules. In regards to a cop taking away a bounty from you they are only allowed to do that if you are abusing your vigi license or the player is wanted for less then 75k. If you catch the guy (down & restrained him) he is yours to put in jail and the officer should not interfere. 

As I stated in the initial post, while officers "shouldn't," interfere, it does happen, so what should vigi's do in these cases? Reporting isn't the most reliable thing form what I've experienced, while I do record my gameplay 24/7, the content on twitch only stays up for 1-2weeks max and the amount of space it takes to convert and then clip these video is rediculous. The average wait time I've experienced for a report response is around a month+, and at this point the VOD has been taken down from twitch.

Also, I totally missed the initial part, I only understood the part of the vigi rules that said we were not allowed to send players to jail with a bounty that is $75k or above, I missed the other that says those are the only people we can act upon.


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75K+ are the bounties you can act upon. 


An APD member can take the criminal and offer them to pay their ticket. If they refuse to pay the officer has to give them back.


Record it, put it on youtube or another streaming source that wont drop the video after a couple weeks.

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coffee PM me the names of the officer(s) that did this i will speak with them

If it's a must then I'm willing to go back through the VoD and give you that information. However I'm not looking to create any conflict, I'm just asking a couple of questions and looking for answers that I can use as a future reference.


Vigilantes can simply be put as

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If you down and restrain someone legitimately the cops cant take the guy from you for any reason.  Unless you willingly hand him over, even if he wants to pay his ticket it is entirely up to you as to whether or not you give him a chance to.

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If you're escorting someone to jail and a cop tells you he wants to take him off you shoot the cop in the face a hoof it to the jail asap!

Hahaha!! I would just tell the cop

"No I can't do that"

And be on your way. The cop can't do anything to you at that point. If you taze him, then you'll have the rest of the cops in the city looking for you. If you get caught, your weapons and licenses will be taken. A fat loss of money ain't worth it. However, Gary hit the nail on the head; If you down and restrain a guy who's bounty is $75K or up, then he's yours. The police cannot take him from you.

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Yeah, the only thing they are allowed to do is see if the player with the bounty wants to pay his ticket. Where I'm also confused because if he does then is the police officer supposed to give the money from the ticket to the vigilante?

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If you, as a Vigi, catch a wanted player worth more then $75k only you get to decide if the person can pay the ticket or not. If you want the bounty you can take them directly to jail. If you want to be the nice guy and let them pay the ticket you take them to an APD member. The only time your required to hand them over is if you happen to catch someone that is under the $75k mark and you shouldn't be going after them anyways.


As for the OP, sry to hear your tickets weren't seen. We switched over to a new ticket system awhile back and that may be why.If you are recording on twitch then it is fairly easy to make a report. Simply highlight the situation, then send the video to your youtube channel if you have one. Include a link in the ticket and no matter how long it takes the video will still be there. APD shouldn't be taking a bounty away from a Vigi if the Vigi is following the rules.

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If you are escorting a player with a bounty and an officer asks you to stop, you need to stop and explain what you are doing. Officers can take the player and choose to give them a chance to pay their fine instead of allowing you to place them in jail. If they refuse to pay the fine the officer MUST hand the wanted player back over so you, the vigilante, can place them into jail.

This is one of the rules from the vigilante handbook. If this means a cop doesn't have the right to take a vigis person then what does this mean?

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I just went back into the Vigi's rule and you are correct. It does state this and I am unsure as to why. This was something that was changed awhile back. Let me talk to the rest of the staff and see what may have happened. I may have been the one to make the mistake and forgot to change it in one of the updates.


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