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Should we have an option to buy full view night vision goggles?

Should we have an option to buy full view night vision goggles?  

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  1. 1. Should we have an option to buy full view night vision goggles?

  2. 2. Should full night vision goggles only be compatible with hats: Boonie, Cap, Beanie, Beret etc.?

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Here me out, those pilot helmets are pretty cool, mostly because they give the user full night vision. However, Pilot Helmets are pretty bulky and don't go with a lot of outfits (aesthetically speaking). 

Yes, I know they can be covered up with wet suits and ghillie suits I think it would be cool if we could wear other helmets, hats, clothes, etc, but still gain the the benefits of full night vision with a more expensive option of night vision goggles. Since the pilot helmet costs $15,000 and gives level 3 armor, It would be fair to make the night vision goggles anywhere from 10-15k loosing the potential of having level 3 armor on your head, but giving you a lot more versatility with outfits. 

We could also make it that if you do buy full view night vision goggles, you can only put on a certain helmet/hat. For example: Full night vision goggles may only be worn with hats that provide 0 armor. 

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8 minutes ago, RDyer216 said:

I believe they have stated that making night shorter will also make day shorter.  They can really only speed up the whole day.

Looking at how things are coded I think we could speed it up if it is only night - but it would have to be approved first

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22 minutes ago, G F said:

no one likes night time, especially when fighting and that shits mixed with rain its aids it should be sped up

Very true

I knoam this is a roleplay server but we can just say fuck it and remove night

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