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Birthday Present

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All I want for my birthday from Olympus is to hear Hades' and Poseidon's voices. In all my months of playing in the server I have never heard their voices. For all I know they could be 15 or 16. They could also be like 50 or 60. No offense lol, but (insert something offensive here).

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Hades: 35. Poseidon: 19

Hades sounds like someones dad and Poseidon sounds like that kid you want to hit in class that makes weird ass noises.

Lol, that is the most accurate description of them i have ever heard. +1 like for you! Haha

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He actually looked like a hard as nail manly man Viking.  Now he looks like Justin Bieber.




New Goal:



Fun fact: I made this my profile picture for about a month, people believed it was me due to beardness.

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