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Cheese just be saying anything these days

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2 minutes ago, eknjack said:

CHEESE MAN AHAHAH, bro the ammount of time cheese talks about the military, so many great quotes have come out of it

Any time cheese talks is just a blessing honestly

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5 minutes ago, Tarquanda said:

Any time cheese talks is just a blessing honestly

its even better with his face cam man he always admires himself ahahah

pretty sure i still have videos from when i played with Mong and them of cheese being a weirdo on face cam

shits hilarious

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16 hours ago, BrendenFreeman said:

ive never met a man with more off the wall random shit to say 

You never know what kind of stupid shit you might here when he’s in the call. I put my headphones back on right as he said that. 

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