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R&R Handbook Update 11/9/2021

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Chapter III - Illegal Zones

  1. Medics, at or above the rank of Basic Paramedic, are authorized to respond to calls for service located within any illegal area.
  2. EMT's must be escorted by an Altis Police Department (APD) officer or higher ranking medic to enter an illegal area.
  3. Medics who choose to willingly enter an illegal area to answer a call cannot be killed unless they are properly engaged. However, all medics must READ AND UNDERSTAND the Exception as well as the Special Circumstances listed below:
    1. Exception: Medic GROUND UNITS (ONLY) are Kill-On-Sight at Cartels, War Zone, Rebels, and at Active Federal Events (Jailbreak/Federal Reserve Robbery/Blackwater Robbery), Active Banks and Active Blue Zones. Air units must still be engaged or sufficiently warned. Land vehicles, amphibious vehicles, medics on foot, and pilots who decide to land at these locations are all considered ground units.
    2. Illegal areas defined:
      1. Rebel Outposts
      2. Active Jailbreaks/Federal Reserve Robberies/Blackwater Robberies/Active Bank Robberies/ Active Art Gallery Robberies.
      3. Illegal gathering and processing areas
      4. Active Blue Zones
    3. Drug Dealers
      1. Black Markets
      2. Cartels (Within 1 km of the cartel's cap point)
      3. War Zone (Large landmass labeled as War Zone)
    4. Forms of acceptable engagement within illegal areas:
      1. EMS text
      2. Direct chat
      3. Warning shots (Aerial Vehicle's Only)
  4. Medics taken into illegal areas during hostage situations cannot be killed by their captors unless APD negotiations have failed, they refuse to provide medical services, or they attempt to escape.
  5. Special Circumstances:
    1. Federal Reserve: Medics must not enter the Federal Reserve, Telos, or the immediate area around the Federal Reserve during an active robbery unless they are assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians.
    2. Maximum Security Prison: Medics must not enter, or loiter around, the prison, beach, or land, bridge while an active prison break is in progress unless they are assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians.
    3. Blackwater: Medics must not enter, or loiter around, the Blackwater facility while an active robbery is in progress unless they are assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians.
    4. Rebel Outposts: Medics must not enter, or loiter around, any rebel outpost while an active rebel raid is in progress unless they are actively assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians.
    5. Cartels and Warzone: Medics who are flying within 1 KM of a cartel, or within any part of the Warzone must be given 3 warning shots or an EMS text with a warning along with sufficient time to react and leave the area before lethal force is authorized.
      1. Medics who are on the ground within a 1km radius of a cartel or any part of the War Zone can be killed without engagement.
    6. Bank: Medics must not enter or loiter around the Bank, immediate office buildings, houses, construction site, power plant, docks or plaza areas during an active bank robbery unless assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians.
    7. Art Gallery: Blue Zones: Medics must not enter or loiter around the Art Gallery Active Blue Zones or the surrounding areas during an active robbery Event unless assisting the APD or being held hostage by civilians.
    8. While hostage, R&R members are not allowed to revive medics at the Federal Reserve, Blackwater, Jail, and Banks, and Active Blue Zones.
  6. Medics that are assisting the APD are not allowed to enter and assist civilians between APD waves unless taken hostage.
  7. If a medic has arrived at a rebel outpost to revive a civilian, and it becomes apparent that the APD is conducting a rebel raid, the medic must leave the area and contact the APD to ascertain whether or not responding officers would like R&R assistance during their engagement.
  8. Altis is inherently a dangerous island.  Medics are not required to respond to any calls for service within illegal areas. Those who choose to enter an illegal area are acknowledging and accepting the inherent risk.  Medics shall evaluate the situation and use discretion while operating within illegal areas. 
  9. All Medic units (Meaning BOTH ground and aerial units) are prohibited to enter/participate at ALL conquest, gang base skirmish, or airdrop events. If you are in the area of a conquest or air drop event when it starts, leave the area IMMEDIATELY.    


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