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Wipe our bank accounts!

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Honestly I think it would bring alot of new players to the server. Seeing that everyone starts on the same playing field. Plus ive been on and off Olympus for the past 8 years. If I recollect correctly it would give me something to work for. All there is to do now is fight people honestly. I feel like a full wipe not just money would bring alot of new people in alot of people that have quit Olympus because they have nothing to work for. Yes some people would quit because they have worked hard for there 100s of millions but think about the amount of people that would come back I remember olympus having 3 fully populated servers. With a wipe that would have the potential again and maybe lowering the amount of property people can have if we have 1 server 5 property's per person is ALOT there isn't any real estate. It says since 2018 but my days were when MC was in its prime so thats when I first started.

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20 hours ago, Frost_ said:

Is it time for bank wipes? Will it decimate the server pop? I know it was done years ago with poor results. An unpopular opinion for sure.

the server barley has a pop as it is. this aint no escape from takov homie

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I don't think wiping bank accounts is the way to go to increase pop considering the age of the game and quantity of people playing it. If anything it would serve to alienate existing players. Seeing how arma reforger is the path to arma 4 a fresh start might as well wait till then.


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A lot of people have been grinding for the last 8 years to get their bank roll to where it is now. It’s time for the oldies to just sit back with their 401k and retire by spending it and not working for it anymore. The rich don’t work for money their money works for them. 

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3 hours ago, Marty said:

I barely ever play anymore but when I do, I want to be able to spend my savings. I don't want to have to do runs. I can see the appeal in having everyone start at the same level again but I think it'd do more harm than good. 

I dunno if anyone has told you but we re-added taxi service =D

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