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RE: Duping Ban Wave

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Just now, ares said:

If you can comment will these bans stick as perms or will they be allowed back?

That will vary on a player to player basis, people that hid this, exploited INSANELY more, etc. are going to be sticking out longer terms.

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4 minutes ago, Mako said:

Alright I felt the need to post the 🍵 

During our April 1st patch a check ended up breaking due to an unforseen change. This resulted in the new "largest money exploit uncovered in Olympus History". In the past 2 weeks a few players have consistently abused this system, currently, 21 are sitting out bans relevant to this pending appeal. While I won't get into who's getting what and etc.

I can however share some fun numbers 😄

During this time period $3,086,200,000 has been exploited.

Daily value $237,400,000 for reference in December players were making $265,845,364 daily from legitimate sources

The most duped by a single player was 5,934,800 scrap or $593,480,000

9 out of 21 players were in the same gang.


Feel free to post any questions below however, do not ask nor spread information regarding the method for the exploit.

Also keep your eyes peeled, alot of real estate is now opening up!

So when do i get my perm too?


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2 minutes ago, Sweet Lou said:

bro you not even calculating the ifrits insurance cost, these numbers are smokin crack

I've updated the fun numbers, $403,620,000 in insurance, the $3B already takes this into account.

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16 minutes ago, Peanut Butter Jelly said:

I wonder whats gonna happen to Greezy Gabe founders circle donated over 1k$ USD and he was one of the first to start doing 🤭


PULLED              SCRAPPED

1 1

The logs don't suggest a history of abuse or duping regarding him, the vehicle he pulled was also a default Ifrit, not an Airdrop variant.


PULLED              SCRAPPED

54 59


I genuinely thought that he would've been abusing it since he's quite affluent with the RPG usage.

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