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Legal Ways of Making Money

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So me and my friend have been excursively been playing Altis Life RPG on the Olympus servers for the past month and been having a blast! Our experience has been nothing short of great, well, maybe a little. Me and my friend really enjoy player interaction and just general RP in the game. We find it very difficult to get into fun enjoying RP situations we spend most of our time trying to make money, and the only viable way of making money is doing drugs. Drugs are very risky, and 40% of the time we have to cut our run short due to enemy gangs our campers at processing/dealer. Me and my friend hit a roadblock, our vehicles were being stolen and we were investing way more money into runs than we got out. So we decided to try some legal stuff, not to our disappointment it was an utter failure. There are no legal substances they are worth the while, not even oil which is the highest peaking at around 1400$. I'm saying that legal items get a little boost in price, not all of them but some like Platinum and Diamond, both are around $800 and cement does better than them peaking $1000. I'm saying that if Diamond, Oil and, Platinum were buffed to maybe $2000, $1500, and $1700 in that order there would be more opportunity for making money successfully, this buff also solves another problem. The server fan base is split into three groups, APD, R&R, and Rebels, there is the occasional there aren't many proper "Civs". I'm saying that if the opportunity to make money legally and effectively was present there would be more regular "Civ" players that would in-turn lead to way more RP situations that don't always end in gun fights and gang wars. That is just my opinion, feel free to share yours, and please take into consideration what I have just said and maybe think about how it could help, and not help the server and RP experiences in general. 

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i have to agree with you at most! the way its setup now is so that people do some legal runs simply to be able to afford stuff to do illegal stuff. Legal stuff should be worth the while for people that do not want to do drugs. i know it might have something to do with Risk seeing as drugs are illegal, but seeing as it is illegal it shouldnt have to be the nearly only way to make a lot of money quite fast. #BoostLegalMarket

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If you boost the legal items, the same thing is going to happen, any item that is worth the time and effort to make a large profit, will be sought out by all, especially larger gangs. All you would achieve is a shift from mass illegal camping/robbing to mass illegal and legal camping/robbing. The gangs that give you a hard time have the numbers to lock down both. By keeping legal items at a lower price, it allow's larger gangs to focus on the most profitable, being illegal, and they only prey on legal items if a "target of opportunity" presents its self in most cases. In addition to keeping the larger gangs running illegal items as they are at a higher price, it also forces them to deal with APD and other larger rival gangs, which should in return divide their concentration and in theory keep them limited to preying on legal zones.

This is not always the case however you can never really ever expect to have easy street on any profit making ventures in Altis Life, that's just how the game mechanics work. Even while running legal items you have to be smart and cautious on how you operate. Here is a simple set of "guidelines" that can help your venture.

1. do not set a pattern

2. run with 3 or more members if you plan on doing a big run

3. steer clear of large transports, tempest devices and heli's (like a huron)

4. pick times/routes that will help to conceal your operation

5. Buy a house in the middle of gather/processor or near a processor and do not try to gather/process during the same run

6. Have a lookout and keep an eye on market prices

7. Watch for chatter to get an insight to what other gangs are doing and try to work around them.

8. Create diversions by pushing "misinformation" to mislead other gangs into thinking you are in an area other than that of which you are

9. and finally, RP RP RP, if a gang runs up on you, and you have great RP (that is if they don't merk you on the spot) they will usually only take a few items from you and let you live if you don't immediately get all butt hurt and start bitching or acting like a 5 year old brat who is whining and crying.

Most people will respond positively to great RP, you may not get off scott free, and may not even get away with you life, however your chances are waaaay better if you do.

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The thing is this little boost to the market will not attract big gang because gangs are still gonna go after bigger drugs likes meth, and moonshine, no gangs go for weed, or anything small like that, most gangs will settle with a minimum of mushrooms which average $2400, I think the boost will make it so legal items a bit more viable, but not to profitable to the point that gang will start controlling such items. 

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Nope, Theseus has a big point. Pre-wipe, we robbed people running oil, diamonds, and platinum. In fact, I haven't even considered robbing legal now because it's such garbage. I'd spend more on lock picks, zip ties, repair kits, and 7.62 magazines than what I'd get on a legal rob/chop. Not worth. Buy a hummingbird and do fast meth runs. Very quick and more profitable than any legal run.

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You also want to take the least crowded route to the Processor and watch your 6 at all times if you see a helicopter leave immidially and move on with another drug because they DID see you

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Noob persepective: mostly agree with Theseus here.  If you're repeatedly getting ganked then you aren't being sneaky enough.


On the other hand, giving things a *small* buff might not hurt.  I'm talking about perhaps a 20% increase in prices for legal goods across the board, as opposed to the 100% buff proposed above.  Not enough to affect the game balance in any major way, but enough to put a small dent in the civ grinding needed to be able to afford better gear.

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Noob persepective: mostly agree with Theseus here.  If you're repeatedly getting ganked then you aren't being sneaky enough.


On the other hand, giving things a *small* buff might not hurt.  I'm talking about perhaps a 20% increase in prices for legal goods across the board, as opposed to the 100% buff proposed above.  Not enough to affect the game balance in any major way, but enough to put a small dent in the civ grinding needed to be able to afford better gear.


Yes, a little buff would not hurt. Sometimes I give some money to new players around Kavala to help them get started. When I started out a group took me in also so I like to pay it forward. 

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One problem that "noobs" as you call them suffer from is RDM'idus, which is they log on, buy a gun and start trying to kill everyone, then they get wreked, lose what they had to start with and then have zero funds/equipment.  What they should do is ask around, pull a quad and start doing small runs, build a small base, get a good concept of the game, then they can legally wrek foo's!!

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This is MOST do when they start Altis Life, they start off on selling Apples, Peaches, Iron, Oil etc etc etc. THEN they get into selling drugs. THEN they become a "Rebel". THEN they start a Gang / Group. THEN they start to roll in money. THEN that's when something like BurBan happens. #HugsNotDrugs

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I agree that the legal market should be boosted slightly.


 Not everything, but at least Diamond, Platinum, and perhaps glass. Don't boost them to the point where big gangs feel the need to do them constantly or control them but so new players have a sense of relief when it comes to making money.


 It's all about having fun.  I remember when the oil market WASN'T so hostile and that's how I got my first million wayyyy back when.  It was actually really fun to run into people on the road whereas now it's kind of awkward and a waiting game of who's gonna shoot who first.


 Diamond and Platinum don't have to be buffed in a game-changing way, just slightly so there is a sense of accomplishment restored to doing legal runs again.  Right now, it's literally OIL. Oil is so competitive and violent for the simple reason that it is the only viable legal option.  Make more options so people can relax a little bit thus creating RP and good times in the process.  RDM'ing/camping/gangs trying to control stuff will always be around but that doesn't mean options shouldn't exist for a "legal life" that doesn't include cop/medic/or OIL....


tl;dr Boodt Legal Market  :D

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I like to do DP missions. You can't get robbed doing that and it's quick cash if you're in a bird

You also like to wear skinny jeans and kiss dudes but what does this have to do with giving a much needed boost to the legal market?

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SUV of shrooms gives ya about 210k in 17 minutes from start to finish. Map out the path and drive like crazy. Processing takes the lo gest part, about 9 minutes of chilling.

I drive up in SUV and still get robbed and killed there. I could see if I had a Hemmet or something. But Ive been killed using my quad processing. LOL 

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