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It's been a fun run.

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Fat clemenza my post was for Ace.  You must of posted like 2secs before me.  But seriously wtf is going on?  Are you leaving ghostface?  Just go Rdm on Asylum then come back home

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wow ill not take that serious ghost since they say your drunk. this has nothing to do with you personally but the fact that drunk is a key element in a post which you sir are not the first to be drunk and make a post. so please let us not be a computer warrior and try to intimidate someone because i dont intimidate easy. now sit back and drink some more. i wasnt even gonna reply to u ghost till u said the last part. but u have a great night

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snake hell it's been a fun ride but hell its time for me to go since i always have to prove myself for any kind of promotions and im tired of proving so it'll be ok. shit i was drunk when i typed this lol

Nothing to do with me personally? Pretty sure that was a direct bash. I literally just told you to shut the fuck up, has nothing to do with intimidation.

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no ghost didnt mean for u to tak eit that way, the point i was making was people can get drunk make posts n what ever they do or say in the post is forgivin. and eventually even get promoted. so ur ok but i wont let someone talk shit i dont let my 31 yr old son do it not gonna let someone else do it. sorry

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