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Can't Play Much Anymore

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Hi everyone, Well I was gone for awhile for work. Yes some of have lives and need to make money in the real world. Well things are not going so well for me and my family so I had to take a job where I have to work 12-15 hours day. Well that leave very little time for gaming and OLYMPUS. I came back today to play and of course I had a huge update. Going through the forums and found I was not even on the APD chain of command list. :(..........

So I guess I got fired.... 

I honestly wish  could keep my rank, but doubt I can since I can no put in the hours weekly to play.

Congrats to McDili on captain. He has been good to me and I think I trained him when he was a Deputy or what ever it was called back in the day.(Cadet?) 

 I have been demoted and promoted several times. So maybe it will happen again. (The promotion part) Looks like I will be playing civ now. That means if you are a cop lock your car or do not step more than 10 feet away from it. IT is mine..... 

You have been WARNED.

For those who know me I ONLY Played COP. I think if you are a higher up, you should spend most of your time on cop. I was like 95 - 5. 

So maybe I will still be able to keep my badge.

We will see.

(fmr)Corp SPONDY


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