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Thinks you have learned in Altis that carry into Real Life

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Yes, this game has ruined my life. I get different tattoos put on my and removed every day depending on what clothing I'm wearing. My wife and kids left me, I was fired from my job, and all I do now is shoot people, take their weed, and sell it. It's a rough life. 



Oh, and I also get mad IRL when it starts to rain. =P

Cough cough wink wink hint hint.

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I'll be sitting in traffic, look at a field and have the urge to drive through it in my car because who drives on roads?



ive actually gotten a habit of NEVER carrying cash on me, i ALWAYS use a card lol...

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True story... The other day my wife was talking to me while she was in the living room and I was in the master bedroom. Before responding to her I SWEAR to you I thought in my head I needed to press the CAPS button for direct communication.....



I am not bullshitting anyone.... I guess I am going crazy.... lol

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I got so used to pushing a button to talk in TS, that I'd start pushing my PTT button when talking to someone in the room.

It's weird yeah. I am more aware of my surroundings now. Also pay more attention when I hear sirens around me. Little things you catch when playing this a little too much lol. 

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I got so used to pushing a button to talk in TS, that I'd start pushing my PTT button when talking to someone in the room.

Sometimes ill answer my Phone while in TS and when i go to talk to the person on the phone i hit my PTT button lol, just from habit.

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I noticed olympus changed me for the better when I interviewed someone 2 weeks ago. 


Example Olympus APD App:

Give me some probable cause situations.  Oh what if he was shooting in the air randomly in the city?  What if he was randomly running people over?  Speeding?


Example Real Life Before Olympus:

I see you know a lot about oracle.  Do you like it more so than mssql?  Why?


Example Real Life after Olympus:

I see you know a lot about oracle on your resume.  Can you write stored procedures?  Can you explain to me the process of installing an oracle db from scratch.  What if this problem occurs, what do you do to resolve the issue?

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