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  1. Yes I am aware of the sapd decision and as I said it was the only think that helped but after me and Sam were captured it was lethals loaded and stuff like that 1v4 shouldn't have happened. And despite When the hawk lethaled 4-5 players the strider and gear left without a trace. Also I am P.O. Kevin
  2. This ^^^^ Despite being on cop against my own gang I feel like me and my fellow the lower ranks tried to make more of an impact than the higher ups (besides the hawk. Of course). The Comms were pretty much all winging no focus on the goal to stop it beside waiting to use the hawk.
  3. I still think as a cop and civ it makes cops think about more than slamming into a wall and keep coming back until they can come guns hot in a hawk Or doing a few "corporal waves". Thinks as the APD can work as a team, cause I know for a fact the events that caused this to happen had 1 guy with a Corp load out making it mildly on equal grounds during a 1v1 situation and would have been easy to single him out. The update makes it cops think about strategies such as rebel attacks for cartels then mindlessly slamming into walls and dying. Once again just my ipinion tho
  4. U SPANGLED YOUR SELF My point exactly just watch tyrones video same load out 1v4. not to say they all need to be gods at the game but it would help
  5. I can agree with you, as both cop and civ I know the challenges of a federal event. From my experience yesterday I was first cop in first tased. Lethal a were loaded and I don't see how 3 corps couldn't lethal 1 guy with the same load out as them running around taking people, I think as a corporal you should be a great player as well as a great cop, cause I know lethal so aren't there for Rp
  6. Should also be a challenge for cops, as PO Kevin I can confirm its slamming walls, running up towers, pulling prowlers to texture bug people and wait to guns hot in the ghost hawk. I attacked a BW on cop and most APD were restrained so the higher up waited 5mins till the bomb blew. The gang managed to get away with the gear and a strider under the cops noses...
  7. Now i didn't think you could restrain cops? But if they changed it i guess so, i personally haven't seen people get guns like that. But it makes cops think about more than slamming into a wall and keep coming back until they can come guns hot in a hawk. Just my opinion tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. 3 to 1 and Hostage situations? not using tasers. How people have been acquiring for a long time
  9. Can confirm the gun used in this situation was a cop MXM remove the spar 16 dad
  10. I think you shouldn't get tased in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. The castle in north of dp4 is impossible to push, almost. To get to the top level you have to jump up through a little crack, someone could just camp that and you could never lose
  12. without my sexy csat 10% is alot
  13. No and the deputies shouldn't have got vermin's either