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  1. Got a spar16-s, 7 mags offer me something if you want it
  2. Ill sell a spar16s with 7 mags fpr 1.5 mil
  3. Offers Closed.
  4. Closing offers in 1 hour. @Homicide is the highest bidder RN
  5. Panera is this legit
  6. Bid currently at 1.1 mil.
  7. Selling this tazer. Post offers below!
  8. I would just try altering my settings or getting extra ram. I have the exact same gpu but 16 gigs of ram and a 6600k. I run this game flawlessly when I'm not in big cities. (I think the r6 and discrd thing is a ram problem too). Tbh 8 gigs sounds good enough
  9. gtx 1070 overpriced
  10. I agree. -Theory

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