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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. skrood`

    #UnbanProud #Unban Savage they didndu nuffin
  2. skrood`

    Thanks god ur gone don't ever come back no one likes you
  3. no one likes you just fucking leave retard 

  4. skrood`

    even if someone is permed for ddosing / hacking / give them a fucking chance to have a chat in ts. I know so many people that are banned and they just want the chance to talk to peter/sa in ts
  5. skrood`

    no E v e r y o n e
  6. skrood`

    give a second chance to everybody
  7. skrood`

    just give it to me irl I lost mine yesterday someone was trying to raid my house
  8. skrood`

    Everyone is doing stupid things , I got permd for meta gaming beat that
  9. skrood`

    There is some mad fights sometimes but not like it used to be
  10. skrood`

    where is kavala freedom fighters
  11. skrood`

    Transfring warpoints plesae xx
  12. skrood`

    25 shekels

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