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  1. skrood`

  2. skrood`

    I don't remeber talking to you fucking downgrade retard
  3. skrood`

  4. skrood`

    I am about to get another 20 kills in rebel ps ps ps
  5. skrood`

    5 different gangs fighting on 3 different servers, probably like 10v10 and there is an event going on , I haven't seen this on Olympus for almost a year
  6. skrood`

    this is why olympus is dead
  7. I will never forget you will always be in my heart

  8. skrood`

    for a "friend"
  9. skrood`

    I was sure they will still make money even if there is an event going on
  10. skrood`

    @rp slayer @Proud @Savage @[df]Jaconite lets do it boys
  11. skrood`

    ez win
  12. skrood`

    #UnbanProud #Unban Savage they didndu nuffin
  13. skrood`

    Thanks god ur gone don't ever come back no one likes you
  14. no one likes you just fucking leave retard 

  15. skrood`

    even if someone is permed for ddosing / hacking / give them a fucking chance to have a chat in ts. I know so many people that are banned and they just want the chance to talk to peter/sa in ts

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